Work Experience

Interactive Computing Lab (KAIST)

M.S. Student

   Mar 2021 - Present

  • Proceeding with the Smart Home Project
  • Write a review paper on "Sensing and Application" and study technical elements used in actual implementations through previous research reviews
  • Develop an integrated platform using Home Assistant and Raspberry Pi for living lab construction
  • Undergraduates Research Intern

       Jun 2020 - Jul 2020

  • Participate in the study of writing Tutorial of Machine Learning for Industrial IoT using sensor data from vibrating motor [Github]
  • Progressed the research with using C and Python
  • Experienced sensor data analysis by end-to-end

  • Medical Imaging & Signal Lab (Ewha W.Univ)

    Undergraduates Research Intern

       Aug 2018 - May 2020

  • Progressed the research about Medical Image Processing with using Python (primary), MATLAB
  • Comprised Input data by various Image Augmentation and Trained Resnet Model in Pytorch
  • Participated in the research on the Poor psychomotor outcome prediction of preterm neonates using radiomics analysis
    • Conferences
      • [ISMRM 2020] – Digital poster (Link)
      • [ICMRI 2020] – Oral presentation (Link)

  • Relevant Experiences

    MediaZen AI Hackathon

    Team member

       Dec 2020

  • Implementation of a voice recognition system that can categorize the intent of error data using deep learning technology
  • Using sentencepiece based tokenizer and KcBERT model for intent classification in self-driven car system [Github]
  • KU Medical Hackathon

    Team member

       Nov 2019

  • Proposed a useful AI system that could be used in the medical field: System for Mental Illness Customized Analysis (Link)
  • Studied about all technologies that will used in our system and specifically conceived a suggestion
  • ICT COC Hackathon

    Team member

       Aug 2019

  • Builded a direct-layer model using NLP for Diagnosis and Visualizing with early disease symptom classification

  • Extracurricular Experiences

    Teaching Assistant

    KAIST - [CoE491-C]

       Fall semester, 2021

  • 스마트 융합특강<스마트 팩토리: AI 기반 제조>
  • Smart Factory: AI-based manufacturing
  • Preparing class materials and creating assignments
  • Ewha - [38573-01]

       Fall semester, 2019

  • 유체 역학
    • Fluid Engineering (Peer Instructor)
    • Progressing supplementary classes and solving problems

  • Other Activit

    이화-연세 연합 교육 봉사 동아리: 나누미

       Mar 2017 - Aug 2017

  • Ewha-Yonsei Associated Education Volunteer Club (Nanumi)
  • Teaching elementary and middle school students
  • 모교방문 입학 홍보 활동

       Mar 2017 - Aug 2017

  • Admissions promotional activities for high school students